Viva Bath Introduction:

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How would you like to take a soothing bath in clean, fresh spring-like water?

In a regular tap water bath your body can absorb up to 15% of the impurities in the water. Soaps, bath oils and other so-called soothing bath products could make conditions worse for your skin.

Viva bath transforms your bath water into a therapeutic experience by cleaning the pollutants, metals and other contaminates found in normal tap water. This transformation occurs by re-oxygenating the water through a simple natural process.

Viva Bath helps hydrate and oxygenate your skin with natural ingredients that penetrate your pores instead of normal toxins found in bath water..

Naturopathic benefits of VIVA Bath

  • Soothes the nervous system with colloidal quartz powder and organic silica which are recognized by naturopaths as perfect supplements
  • Promotes healthy hair and nail growth
  • Helps skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and dry skin

Directions for Use

Fill your bath with water. Add one measure of Aqua Viva and one measure of Ox Viva with the spoon provided in the package to your bath water. Enjoy a soothing 15-minute bath. Do not use any soap, sea salt, creams or essential oils before or during your bath. Wait for at least six hours after taking your VIVA BATH before applying any skin creams or oils.***

***Important: Adding any supplemental products as indicated above significantly reduces the therapeutic benefits of Viva Bath.

How does Viva Bath work?

Viva bath makes use of two separate naturally occurring ingredients. When combined they produce the spring-like Viva Bath experience.


Thanks to OxViva’s high active oxygen content, this H2O2? hydrogen peroxide solution, literally breathes fresh life into your bath! This solution is 100% biodegradable and entirely free of harmful chemical residue.


AquaViva is a colloidal quartz powder. It effectively sinks suspended particles, neutralizes metals, prolonging the useful life of active oxygen created by OxViva.
Mixing AquaViva with OxViva mirrors nature’s ability to cleanse water. Think how a natural artesian spring works where bubbling spring water suspend particles, which ultimately sink to the bottom.

The bubbling action from the OxViva creates an oxygen rich aerobic environment while Aqua Viva separates and sinks impurities from the water. So you and your skin benefit from relax in hyper oxygenated water.

Comments & Reviews

“I had very bad psoriasis on my legs for so long. I tried VIVA BATH, and after just 2 baths my skin was soft and free of psoriasis. I think it’s a miracle product.” – H.A.Y (Westmount)

“I used to buy other products from the pharmacy that would be quite expensive every month. With VIVA BATH, I’m saving money as it lasts such a long time.” – S.Y. (St-Laurent)

“I was so stressed, and I had a lot of body tension. I took a bath with Viva Bath, and after 20 minutes I was all relaxed and slept like a baby. Thank you Viva Bath!” – V.M (Laval)


Can children take a Viva bath?

Yes, babies and children can take a bath.  But, if you use a small basin, you can use less product depending on the relative size of the basin.

Is there any special case where is not appropriate to take a Viva bath?

Generally, Viva bath can be used on every body and skin types. However, if you experience a lot of dryness or heavy itching several hours after a bath, do not repeat use until you speak with us for advice at 514-800-7569

How many baths does it take to see a difference or a result?

It can vary with the individual and how you are using Viva bath.  If, you take a bath for relaxation, you will feel an immediate result.  For dry skin, 1 or 2 baths will make a difference.  For those with more saturated pores, you will see a difference between 2 or 4 bathes.

If I have a very big bath tub. Should I increase the amount used?

Yes but not a lot more. We recommend that you use only 1.5 times (1.5 spoon) the recommended application or both Aqua-Viva and the same for Ox viva.

Can I take a Viva bath every day?

Yes you can, and if so, you can use a little less quantity of Aqua and Ox (¾ of a spoon.)

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