Viva Bath – A product of Safia Distribution

Founder, Nadine A. St. Louis

Nadine has post secondary degrees in sociology and criminology. Her master’s thesis was about ecology in the late 1980’s. So her interest in new innovations for betterment of the environment began early. In 2005, Nadine attended a European conference dealing with various products to replace harsh chemicals. She learned that many everyday products contain chemicals that could be very harmful for the environment and human health because of the residues they leave.

At that time, she was suffering from various allergies and discovered they were related to chlorine. As an avid swimmer, she did further research and found that a significant number of Olympic class swimmers were suffering a range of health problems whose source had not been identified. Eventually they traced these problems to their heavy exposure to chlorine.

In 2006, Nadine decided that chlorine had no place in her pool. So she first tried a salt system as a natural alternative. This actually ended up being a worse solution because over time salt produces chlorine as well as corroding the pool and its electrical components. Not to mention skin. 

So she turned back to Europe for a more natural solution. Her research led to a natural formulation that resulted in water treatment products for both pools and spas. One of her key ingredients is now produced and patented in Quebec.

The Safia process for swimming pools and spas was well received by customers – especially those allergic to the chlorine or bromine products. At the same time,
the latest statistics showed a continuous rise in skin problems, especially in the 16-35 age group.

Users of the Safia process soon noticed a marked improvement in their skin after swimming or bathing in their spas. Over
90% of users found the affects of product very positive including clearing up skin problems and even helping them feel calmer and sleeping better.

Seeing the opportunity to reach a broader audience, Nadine adapted the Safia process for home use in the bath. And Viva Bath was born for the retail market.

Viva Bath is a two-stage process that first cleans and then oxygenates the water. You can literally see a difference in the clarity of the water you are bathing in. More importantly, the oxygenated water helps open up pores – literally helping your skin to breath better. With more oxygen reaching the skin surface, the body is better able to help it recover. Skin is softer and smoother after repeated use. And it is all natural – with no added chemicals.

Viva Bath is unique because it brings tap water back closer to its natural state. When skin is exposed to Viva Bath water it can recover without the aid of chemicals, lotions, oils or whatever is typically marketed to the bathing market.

Viva Bath – the natural, chemical-free alternative to bath oils.

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