“As a severe burn victim, I have extremely dry skin. Hydrating lotions have no effect on my damaged skin. But after only few baths with VIVA BATH, my skin is much more supple and hydrated!”

- Tanya (St-Arnauld)

“I was quite stressed, and I had a lot of body tension. I took a bath with VIVA BATH, and after 20 minutes I was all relaxed and slept like a baby. Thank you VIVA BATH!”

- V.M. (Laval)

“I used to buy other products from the pharmacy that would be quite expensive every month. With VIVA BATH, I’m saving money as it lasts such a long time.”

- H.R. (St-Sauveur)

“I had very bad psoriasis on my legs for a long time. I tried VIVA BATH, and after just 2 baths my skin is soft and free of psoriasis. I think it’s a miracle product.”

- H.A.Y. (Westmount)





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